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    Grimy Girl Says, "Make people wonder what you've been up to!  Look great for no reason at all!" 

    What is Grimy Girl?

    A friend said this:  "I work HARD outside in the yard, around the house, (and in general damn hormones) and really get dirty "for a girl".  I work hard, but I'm still a woman and I want to look good and smell good, too!  Grimy Girl doesn't make me think of prim and proper delicate flowers that glisten, I think of ME!"  So... Grimy Girl was born. 

    We started with a line of hand made soaps, then we added lotions, lip balms, Goats Milk bath bombs and whatever else we found a need for.  Our best seller has become our exclusive Sand Bar Exfoliating Foot Soap that gets the dead skin of heels better than anything else!  In April 2014, we added trendy and adorable clothing to our brick and mortar store. Now we are finally online and ready to start severing customers all over the United States!

    Welcome to Grimy Girl and Thank you for shopping!!